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Welcome to the world of Virtual Stock Market!

Learn how to make profits from financial investment system by testing and perfecting your trading strategies in the only stock market that runs 24 X 7. The Virtual Stock Market gives you the chance to invest hypothetical money in a real-time portfolio.

No Risk   0 Risk:
All the money is hypothetical. You don't have risk of getting bankrupt!
Trade   Trade:
You get to trade with people from leading technical and management institutes like IITs and IIMs
Invest   Invest:
Invest using the virtual funds and make profit and maximize the value of your virtual portfolio.
Invest   Anytime, Anywhere
Start building your portfolio in the only market that opens 24 x 7.

So, what are you waiting for ? Surrender to your passions and enter the arena where greed is a virtue and rumour a dire necessity. Be part of the eternal clash between the bulls and the bears!

Sign Up! today and master the market.

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